Developmental Benefits

The structure of In the Night Garden is consistent from programme to programme and takes children on an imaginative journey, which begins in the magical moment when children are beginning to drift off to sleep. It's a journey that impacts on their imagination and has a capacity to relax children as well as entertain.

At the end of every episode there is a recap, which is signposted by the Tittifers, brightly coloured birds who come together to form a harmony that acts as a signal for bedtime for all the characters.

Humour is central to the programme with lots of slapstick, playful elements, with which children can engage.

The programme uses repetition and anticipation to build confidence, satisfaction and enjoyment. This is all carried out at a pace which under 4's can follow and understand.

The tone of the programme is deliberately literary. The use of words, rhymes and music carry the child through a happy world of loveable characters and nursery rhyme nonsense.

Throughout every episode each of the characters interact and care for one another unconditionally.

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